While Americans’ attention is on other crises that are created (or at least exasperated) by government, our corrupt politicians in DC can’t wait to steal your taxpayer dollars to divert to their pet projects in their districts.

Just a quick glance…this is nowhere near a complete list. Do you know which pork barrel projects were supported by YOUR representatives?

From our friends at Americans for Tax Reform:

$3,000,000 for the “Palo Alto History Museum” which will “showcase the legacy of innovation and remarkable heritage that are unique to Palo Alto.” The city is highly affluent and home to nine Forbes 400 billionaires. Why can’t this be paid for with local or private dollars?

$142,500 for Las Vegas bike-share bikes. The program “gives you access to some of the best restaurants, shopping and attractions in Las Vegas!”

$800,000 for “artist lofts” in Pamona, CA.

$3,000,000 for a Gandhi museum in Texas.

$496,000 for a local swimming pool in Yonkers, NY.

$3,200,000 for a local bike path in Rhode Island.

$2,000,000 for “Reducing Inequity in Access to Solar Power” in Delaware.

$2,000,000 for new soccer fields in Anaheim, CA.

$500,000 for a ski jump in New Hampshire.

$150,000 to “collect body mass index data school-wide and use that information to encourage young people to stay physically active” in the Northern Mariana Islands.

$500,000 for a soccer field in New Jersey.

$488,000 for the township of North Bergen, NJ for “Municipal Traffic Calming.”

$750,000 for a baseball field in Lowell, MA.

$209,000 for a “Creative Village Affordable Housing and Studio Complex for Artists” in Decatur, GA.

$1.1 million for “Soccer Complex Facility Improvements” in Rhode Island.

$400,000 for a local bike trail in McAllen, TX.

$1.6 million for “Equitable Growth of Shellfish Aquaculture Industry in Rhode Island.”