Funzies In The Silver Market

From Numismaster: London Squeeze Raises Silver Price (by Patrick A. Heller, 9-4-12) When the price of silver topped $30 about 10 days ago, demand on this exchange surged. The best information I have is that at least two purchases were made then, each in the range of 5-10 million ounces of silver. The sellers simply [...]

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El-Erian, Zerohedge Weigh In On Income Distribution

In a recent article, I pointed out that the election year cycle "rich-versus-poor" fight is being ramped up by the media in an effort to get people thinking once again in terms of "us-versus-them," "left-versus-right," etc, etc. PIMCO's El-Erian had this to say about income inequality: "The Federal Reserve and other central banks may have [...]

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Asset-Stripping: Already Underway, Using Your Money

In the first "Asset-Stripping" post I explained how fractional reserve banking worked by using "leverage." I outlined how this money could be lent by banks to investors and used to buy public assets like public roads. The investors would then charge tolls on them, the tolls payable to the "private" investors who now own the [...]

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Major banks making money off of our tax dollars

There is a great article and video on Yahoo Finance that talks about how all the big Wall Street Banks are receiving loans from the government at near 0% interest and then the banks are turning around and lending that money back to the government at 3-4% interest.

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Greece is AIG; Guess Who’s Playing the U.S. Taxpayer?

If you answered: "WE ARE!", you're absolutely correct! Here's the latest and greatest on the bankers' rape of the U.S. taxpayer. Many of you are following the "Greek Tragedy" that is, well, Greece. The Greek state joined the European Union a few years ago, under false pretenses. You see, there are sovereign debt limits imposed [...]

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