Your Future In Eleven Minutes

Kyle Bass: "In the end, the picture is so large, and the leverage in the banking system is so enormous that when you start delivering, there is no way out of this scenario, and that's what's happening right now." CNBC's David Faber: "It's a complicated concept..." No, it's not; it's a remarkably simple concept: there [...]

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Fed Moves to Save Itself

I have long maintained that the central bank is an instrument of private mega-banking policy, and that that policy is quite simple: attach to an economy and suck the life out of it like a vampire. This makes the central bank similar to Renfield in Bram Stoker's gothic novel Dracula. Any central bank must be [...]

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Ready for TARP 2.0?

Reggie Middleton's offers a wealth of information about finance, especially housing market / mortgage market related finance, mortgage securitization, and their impact on the big banks. Reggie was interviewed on CNBC today, it's about 4 minutes and worth watching. Reggie has made some excellent calls. His blog posts are usually long and somewhat technical [...]

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