Harry Reid Attacking Your Free speech Today/tomorrow. Act now!

We just received the following email from Mark Mix at National Right to Work. Please act immediately! Harry Reid launched a sneak attack late last week to ram through the speech-killing "Disclose Act." The key vote to end debate and vote on the "Disclose Act" will be late Monday or early Tuesday. This is an [...]

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Transforming America by Regulating Free Speech

As a newly minted political writer, I have been closely watching President Obama's approach to the media, keeping in mind his promise of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” And true to his standard form, his strategy is murky, making it easy to miss the enormous dangers of what he is pursuing. It’s become clear that [...]

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Shutting down your free speech as a tea party movement

UPDATE:  A Politico article today titled, "How Dems' NRA loophold backfired"  is reporting that the Disclose Act has been temporarily pulled (the vote was expected today) because they don't have the votes. Keep up the pressure. They are trying to reorganize only to try another day. __________________________________________________________ We have been warning you this week that the Disclosure [...]

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