LIBERTY makes us different from every nation

KrisAnne Hall of TEA Party Nation reminds us again what Liberty is all about, and why it is important to continue to protect it.  Read her rousing blog here. If this describes YOU and you think it's time to join the fight for Liberty, then volunteer with the Richmond TEA Party.  If time is not [...]

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Celebrate Liberty with Us on April 14th!

Let’s make LIBERTY the issue in 2012! Event details / donations at: Fellow Virginian, As someone who stepped up a few years ago, you are needed TODAY more than ever! We’ve had our successes, of course, but 2012 is the real contest, isn’t it? Now, we invite you to join us at Celebrate Liberty, [...]

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Does Liberty Have YOUR Voice?

Richmond Tea Party is joining forces with other regional Patriot groups to host Celebrate Liberty this Saturday, April 14th. From noon to dusk at Chesterfield Fairgrounds, we’ll all focus on something others find unimportant at best, threatening at worst. That something is Liberty, period. She’s freedom and peace and a better world for all children, [...]

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Give Me Liberty, or Give Me ObamaCare!

Give Me Liberty, or Give Me ObamaCare! Supremes to Consider ObamaCare This Week  by Joe Guarino, chairman, Richmond TEA Party An obvious play on Patrick Henry’s famous quote—“Give me liberty, give me death!”—this is the essential crux of the battle over the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a., ObamaCare.  Do we Americans desire the liberty on which [...]

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Liberty Looms Large This Year

Dan Henninger, columnist and Deputy Editorial Page Director for the Wall Street Journal, wrote a column saying that the concepts of freedom and liberty are strongly resonating with voters this year. He said the symbols of this mood are the "Don't tread on me" motto and the “coiled rattlesnake sewn into the famous yellow Gadsden [...]

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Megan Greene: “It’s Very Difficult To Draw A Line Under This Eurozone Crisis”

20 minutes. This is an excellent, mostly plain-language description of the failing paradigm that confronts the EU. If you listen carefully, close your eyes and substitute "the United States" for "the Eurozone," you will hear a description of exactly what is headed our way. The interviewer, Michael Hewson, at 1:30: "We've had numerous EU (for [...]

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Dangerous Waters Ahead

Everyone has an agenda, me included. Look for them. They're embedded in everything you see, hear, and read. You...YOU...have to be informed and stay informed. Take nothing at face value. You...YOU...have to be ready. Remember this guy? It's not just Rahm who thinks that. All of the power players think the same thing: "How [...]

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Financial Reform Bill: Bank Lobbyists too Big to Fail, but Fed Can Spy on YOU!

Far from being an effective measure that protects anyone but the banks, the Senate's Financial Reform Bill is itself a testament to the power of money. Two thousand banking lobbyists descended on Washington to ensure that any effective restrictions on banks' power and guaranteed profitability were stripped away. They succeeded. The bill does virtually nothing [...]

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The Price of Liberty

Standing with my family this morning for the Memorial Day service at the Virginia War Memorial, I was thinking of a simple poem I read yesterday, "It is the Soldier" by Charles M. Province. How great is the debt we owe our soldiers, from those who first took up arms in 1775 to create a [...]

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Richmond Tea Party Memorializes our Fallen Hereos

In the Tea Party movement you will hear the term "patriot" used frequently. We use it to refer to all the Tea Party activists who assume personal responsibility to be engaged in the political process daily so that we can restore the authority of the Constitution and guarantee that government is by the consent of the [...]

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