Ed Gillespie wins GOP US Senate nomination

Its official...Shak Hill has has just conceded the race to Ed Gillespie. Gillespie will be the republican candidate in the US Senate race against democrat Mark Warner in November.   GOP Candidate for Senate Ed Gillespie and his Family    

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Senator Warner Is Ultra-Super-Serious About Lowering These High Gas Prices

So serious that he recently e-mailed me a link to a map showing the cheapest gas in my area. Three locations pop up: one in Powhatan and two in Petersburg. Considering those are all about a 45-minute drive from my house, I’m not sure I’ll call that a net savings in gas. Warner’s e-mail also [...]

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URGENT Manassas Tea Party Alert – Call your Senators!

Today, Dan Arnold of the Manassas Tea Party sent the following alert. ---- Friends, its snowing here in Manassas but thats nothing compared to the blizzard of insanity going on in Washington today. The Senate is threatening to pass an Omnibus spending bill unparalleled in its recklessness. Our economy is teetering on the brink, our [...]

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What your representatives are doing (or not) about Quantitative Easing; UPDATE: Randy Forbes responds

On November 15th, the Virginia Tea Party Patriots sent a letter to the Virginia Congressional Delegation condemning the “Quantitative Easing” (i.e., printing money and causing inflation) strategy the Federal Reserve is pursing. We want to provide you with the responses we received. ---- Rep. Eric Cantor—who is a co-sponsor of the Audit the Fed bill—provided [...]

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Supreme Statism: EPA Over All

In its statist, bureaucratic and "best and brightest" attempt to insert itself (without Congressional authority) into the climate change scare, the EPA declared in 2009 that carbon dioxide (what you exhale and plants absorb) is a danger to public health. This unprecedented power grab will result in the EPA governing - and draining wealth from [...]

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ACTION ALERT: Senator Warner's Staff in Hanover this Wednesday

Ok, now is the time to let Mark Warner know how we feel about Health Control. We must insist that Senator Warner reject this Health Care abomination that skyrockets costs, interferes in your health decisions, mandates health insurance, includes taxpayer funding of abortions, and doles out billion dollar payoffs to politicians that make extortion look [...]

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Suddenly Senator Warner is concerned about Health Care Costs

Up to now Mr. Warner was talking about all of the cost savings that will come from the health care legislation.  With the anger against this bill growing, it appears to us as if the good senator is looking for cover: Five Democratic senators urged the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, on Thursday [...]

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Mark Warner – he's still pretending to be a conservative

You have to love Senator Warner. While meeting with community leaders in Martinville, the Sentor talked about his ideas for jump-starting the economy.  He proposed two little ditties: The first proposal would tap $30 billion of unused federal TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) funds to encourage community banks to make loans to existing small businesses, Warner [...]

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Byrd assails Warner’s support for spending bills

Former Sen. Harry F. Byrd Jr has an interesting take on Senator Mark Warner's vote on the health care bill: When a Virginia Democrat is elected to the Congress -- Senate or House -- he or she must decide whether to vote the party line or vote the Virginia tradition of financial responsibility Senator Byrd [...]

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