1. What is the Convention?

The Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) Convention is where the Republican Candidates for Governor, Attorney General, and Lieutenant Governor will be nominated for the November 2013 general election. A nominating convention is different than a “conventional” primary in that there is no general public election to choose the primary candidates. The republican candidates will be elected by delegates who attend the convention. Meet the candidates HERE.

2. Why should I attend?

Would you rather vote for a candidate with convictions or have to vote for a wishy-washy RINO in November?  The only way to get a say in the final candidate selection is by attending.

3. Does my attendance really matter?  Do I actually have a say in who gets nominated?

Yes, it does, and yes, you do.  In fact, your vote matters more here than in either a primary or general election.  The votes for each attendee is apportioned based on their county, how “red” that county is (using a mathematical equation), and how many people attend for a given county.

To explain, if you live in Henrico County, there are approximately 480 votes apportioned to all representatives who come from that county.  The number of votes per attendee from Henrico is divided equally among it’s attendees.  If only 240 people from Henrico attend, each person is given the equivalent of 2 votes.

All told, there are approximately 12,000 votes apportioned across all the counties and major cities in the state.  Thus, your vote counts far more than in a primary, where you could be casting 1 of 200,000 votes or a general election where you’re casting 1 of 2,500,000 votes.

4. Where and When is the Convention?

The convention is being held at the Richmond Coliseum (although registration is located at the Richmond Convention Center across the street).

The convention is on Saturday, May 18th, 2013 at 10AM.

5. How long is the Convention?

The actual end time for the convention is unknown.  The convention works by holding a series of ballots where the candidates try to garner as many votes as possible.  In order to win, a candidate must obtain 50+1 % of the votes (a plurality is NOT enough to win, unlike in a primary or general election).  Ballots continue to be cast as long as no candidate has a majority.  As such, this could last anywhere from an hour or 2 to all day.  Make sure your schedule’s cleared out for the day to be safe.

6.  OK, I’m sold. How exactly do I become a delegate to the convention?

The short version? You must fill out and submit a pre-file form for the county in which you live, attend the republican committee mass-meeting for your county, and then attend the convention and vote.

More details from the RPV website:

Between March 1, 2013 and April 30, 2013 every City/County in Virginia will hold a meeting to elect Delegates to the 2013 Republican Party of Virginia State Convention.
Step 1 Find out when your City/County will be electing Delegates by going to www.rpv.org/2013Calls. Every City/County will announce when their meeting will be taking place at least seven (7) days in advance. The date, time and location will also be published in your local newspaper.
Step 2 Once you find out when your local City/County meeting will be taking place, make sure you attend and ask to be elected a Delegate to the RPV State Convention. In MOST cases, you will need to fill out a “pre-file form” a few days in advance of the meeting, but all City/County specific information will be available at www.rpv.org/2013Calls. These forms must be submitted by the deadline: Deadlines to date:

More dates are coming soon!

Chesterfield Mar 4 at 6pm
Hanover Feb 28 at 6pm
Powhatan Mar 4 at 7pm
Amelia must attend mass meeting on March 12, 7PM
Henrico Feb 22 at 6pm
Goochland not on site yet
New Kent Mar 4 at 5pm
Hopewell City Mass-meeting Apr 1 at 6:30pm
Richmond City Apr 9 at 5pm
Colonial Heights City Apr 15 at 5pm
Surry County Mar 29 at 5pm


Step 3 Once you have attended your local City/County meeting and/or filled out your “pre-file form” and you are elected, your local City/County Republican Committee will certify you as a Delegate to the Republican Party of Virginia.
Step 4 Once the Republican Party of Virginia receives your Delegate certification, they will E-mail or mail you a welcome packet.
Step 5 On May 17th or May 18th, come to Richmond and check-in at the official Convention Registration area. When the time comes, cast your vote for the candidates of your choice

To learn more, visit the RPV convention website HERE for detailed information.

Please don’t hesitate to contact RTP if you would like more information and/or if we can help you in any way. We encourage citizen participation in government, and here is your chance to get involved!

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