Below is a partial list of currently available volunteer positions within Richmond Tea Party. We also have further opportunities available in an area of interest sure to please you; we can always find a perfect place to plug you in!



Merchandise Sales

Help RTP sell stuff! This position involves selling items at monthly meetings & other events, handling money, and helping with quarterly inventories. Make an impact by helping raise money for our organization! Can’t win without it!


Be the 1st point of contact for people showing up at our meetings & events! At monthly meetings, help folks to sign in, get a name-tag, and feel at home! Easy, BUT VERY IMPORTANT!

Team Leader for RTP Brochure

We need a brochure all about us! If you are good at putting together newsletters, brochures, and ‘catchy’ flyers, this is for YOU! We’re looking for something that can be handed to people who are potential recruits, donors, or those who just want to know more. Great job for those with writing skills and/or graphic design know-how, and want to work with a team. Dream it up & turn it over to the printers!


If you are interested in helping with fundraising, we’re interested in you! We need money to win…help find folks who will donate!

IT Assistants

We will train you! Work with Eric and help run the IT side of RTP. Go ‘behind’ the pages of our web site, Facebook page, and other ‘secret’ places!

Welcome Packet Writers

We will give you guidelines, then you take it from there…write a nice welcome letter to make new volunteers at RTP feel at home! Also, we need a description of Richmond Tea Party’s mission and how they can get started and ‘plug in’ to the opportunities available. Each of these are one page…quick and easy! We will add a nice brochure to your work, put it in a folder, & ‘voila!’ A nice ‘Welcome’ packet is born!

List Updaters

We need folks who can update lists. Some are on Excel spreadsheets (we can train you), some are on our Constant Contact newsletter pages. Our lists need to have some people added, and some ‘old’ contacts removed. We will show you EXACTLY what to do…we just need your time!

Youth Recruiters

We’ve got to bring in young conservatives…they are the future! You can help!

Support & Accountability Team Members

Like a lobbyist, only nicer! Visit congressmen, delegates, state senators, and local elected officials. Tell them ‘good job’, or ‘think again’ on issues & votes. Just that simple.

Craigslist Advertisers

Need someone to post our monthly meeting info & other items of interest to get new folks involved. Lots of people read Craigslist!

Elections Trainers

You will be finding out about area elections, large & small, when the filing deadlines are, any calls for mass meetings, whether they have a primary or convention, primary and general election dates, special elections, need for phone banking, poll watchers, etc…. You would give brief reports at meetings. You’ll have help with this important job!

Video Crew & Actors

Let’s get RTP up on Youtube & spread our message far & wide! This is a fun one!

Radio Ad Writers and Station Deal Makers

We’ve got to ‘re-brand’ the Tea Party and we have the money to do some radio ads RIGHT NOW! Let’s get on the air & spread our message of freedom!

Events Team Members

Help reserve space for meetings & events, set up tables, chairs, parking signs, arrange for greeters, ensure equipment is provided…in short, get everything ready for an event. This job comes in 2 sizes…large or small (take your pick)! Monthly meetings are easy…and you’ll have help!

Refreshments Providers

Help folks feel ‘right at home’ by providing a cup of coffee or a soda at meetings and other events, and perhaps a cookie or 2. If we’re planning a dinner or something grand, you won’t have to do that alone…this job’s just about drinks and snacks (RTP will give you the $$)

Sign Planters

We need a few signs put up in the area. Get some black & yellow road signs professionally made (we can send you to the right place) and get some true conservatives to put them on their property in prominent roadside spots! Mostly a recruiting tool, but also educational to the public. Examples: “Want Your Country Back?”, “Meeting Thursday Night!”, etc.

Campaign Researchers

Simple! Find out what’s going on in area campaigns. Who’s running & what do they believe? You would be keeping up with a particular campaign (maybe a few of them), and report your updates to RTP at general meetings. Sources would include looking at candidates web sites, other web sites (Freedomworks, etc.), and the media.

Lobby Team Members

Go see representatives! Educate them, persuade them, and ATTEND COMMITTEE HEARINGS to let them know you’re there, then gather info to report back to RTP!

Candidate Finders!

Find us some viable conservative candidates to run against officials who just ‘need to go,’ or who might make good party officials…time for a change!

Meeting Guest Coordinators

Help to contact, coordinate with, and secure speakers for future meetings. Guidance provided on who we’re interested in…

Editorial Writers

Write letters to the editor, op/ed pieces, or commentary to papers (large & small) all over Virginia…or the world! We’ll help you select topics & lightly edit…just like they do at the newspaper office (but, without an editor screaming about deadlines)!

Web Site Content Writers

Want to get published right away? Would you like to educate and persuade thousands of people? Web Site Content Writer is the position for you! As a Content Writer, you will write articles for our web site, which are then also posted to Facebook & Twitter. The articles can be quite short, perhaps as little as 100 words. We’re looking for 2-4 articles/month…more if you wish. You can comment on current issues, other articles, or come up with something totally original (as long as they relate to Tea Party principles)! Help influence voters & turn your country around! Become a Web Site Content Writer!

Facebook Content Writers

Are you gifted at getting your point across in just a few sentences? Do you want to harness the power of social media and reach thousands of people? Become a Facebook Content Writer! This person would contribute Facebook posts a few times per week (there are other writers working with you). Link a funny cartoon, comment on a current issue, share a powerful Youtube video…whatever you think will best contribute to changing hearts and minds! Lots of freedom in this job…Grab it quick!

Not Quite Sure What to Do? You Just Know You Have to DO SOMETHING?!

We will help fit you to the right job! Contact us with questions!


Training Provided!