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2009 Events

April              Tax Day Tea Party, Kanawha Plaza, Downtown Richmond

July               Protests at Webb and Warner Senate Offices

July               Richmond Tea Party Truck – July 4th Parade and Community Presence

July               Liberty 101, Chesterfield County Fairgrounds

July               Celebration of Individual Rights Cigar & Wine Tasting Event

August          Outdoor Sportsman Show, The Showplace

August          Carytown Watermelon Festival

August          Where’s our Town Hall? Five Billboard Locations in the Richmond Area
August          Senator Warner:  GET A MAP! 

August          Letter Between Dr. and Patient

Sept.              Bus Trip; Taxpayer March on DC, pick-up at 7 Richmond area locations

Sept.             Video highlighting 9/12 DC March

Sept.             Hands Off Our House, Richmond Home Show

Sept.             Field Day of the Past,  Goochland

October       Petition Video:  Our Representatives Ignore Concerns Health Control

October       Midlothian Day Festival

Nov.              House Call on Congress – November 5th

Nov.             Who is the Biggest Turkey in Congress?

Dec.             Establish Eight Grassroots Committees

Dec.             Protest Senate Health Care Vote in DC

2010 Events

Jan. 10th Amendment Rally at State Capitol with 2,300 in attendance

Feb. Richmond Tea Party guest on the Jack Gravely Show

Feb. Richmond Tea Party booth at VCU where we recruited dozens

Feb. Health Care Freedom Act passes General Assembly (10th Amendment bill)

Mar. 10th Amendment Protest of Killing HB 69 at State Capitol