Richmond Tea Party is working on a great event for May 5th that you WILL want to be a part of. Remember Joe the Plumber? The man who with a simple question got then-Senator Obama to admit to his economic policy of “spread the wealth around”? He’s teaming up with Kevin Jackson—author of The BIG Black Lie—to tour the nation and show that the Tea Party is a group of decent, average Americans, in stark contrast to the cartoon image the media has portrayed. You know, racist, homophobic, hate the poor, blah blah blah.

Kevin and Joe are calling it the Ebony & Ivory Two Nekkid Heads Tour. From their website:

This tour is about an inter-racial couple being able to travel the entire country celebrating extremes. Joe is white, Kevin is black. The chasm just doesn’t get any wider than that, unless of course if Kevin was darker—Joe can’t get any whiter.

They kick it all off with us in Richmond on May 5th. The primary focus is bringing different communities together in the understanding that Tea Party principles are generally shared by us all. RTP is still working out the final schedule details, but so far we have confirmed activities below:

Thursday, May 5th

WE NEED YOU to be there, to show your support for Richmond’s diverse community and in support of the message of unity. Can you make it to one or more stops around Richmond throughout the day Thursday, to show that the tea party message of fiscal restraint, limited government, and Constitutional adherence is really a universal, non-partisan message?

In the meantime, clear your schedule to spend some time with Kevin, Joe, and RTP for an awesome event May 5th. Also, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact RTP at for more information. You will get a lot of exposure, as this is a newsworthy event and has potential to get major local and national media coverage. (The Media Research Center will be there to film the Richmond stop.) Also, you can get a link to your website on the tour website.

Finally, Kevin and Joe need your assistance to help facilitate the tour…the goal is to travel to each city using only the funds donated by tea party/citizen groups, so any help is GREATLY appreciated. Please consider making a small donation at:

Be sure to select “Richmond” on the confirmation screen, so they’ll know we’re supporting their efforts!

See Kevin in action here: