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Governor Northam has called a special session with the express purpose of futher restricting your 2nd amendment rights. This special session is being called in response to the recent shooting in Virginia Beach….a shooting where its been declared that the anti-rights proposals would have done nothing to stop it. Yes, this special session is being called purely to take advantage of a crisis in order to strip more of your rights from you.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) is conducting lobbying efforts on opening day of the session,  meeting with our General Assembly members to tell them we want no such new (ineffective) laws. Experience is not required, only that you be willing to add your voice. Visit the rally website NOW to learn more, to include info on schedule, parking, and car pool opportunities.

VCDL Event Website

We encourage EVERYONE who values our rights and freedoms to help us push back against government authoritarians on July 9th.

Clear your calendar and ask for the time off from work to ensure you’ll be available.

For the best information on this issue, please visit the VCDL website, but below is a glimpse of what’s being considered. Remember, NONE of this would have had a bearing on the VA Beach incident. Don’t let political operatives, acting in bad faith, take away your rights. Come help be a part of the solution!\

Finally, we encourage all of our supporters to ALSO join the VCDL. Things are getting scary out there for our rights, and this group fights hard for YOU.


  • Red Flag laws –  forget the unconstitutionality of this law, no one thought the Virginia Beach murderer to be a threat, so that law would have changed nothing
  • Universal Background Checks – the Virginia Beach murderer passed at least two background checks, just like the Virginia Tech murderer.  And street thugs don’t go through background checks to get their guns
  • One Handgun a Month – the murderer bought the two handguns he used a year apart, not even a month apart
  • “Assault Weapon” ban – no “assault weapons” were used in the Virginia Beach massacre.  Long guns are rarely ever used in crime
  • Magazine-capacity limits – the commission on the Virginia Tech massacre concluded that restricting magazine size would not have changed the outcome
  • Silencer/suppressor ban – it is extremely rare that a lawfully owned suppressor is used in a crime.  They are not popular with criminals because 1) the gun shot is still loud and 2) it doubles the length of a handgun, making it much more difficult to conceal
  • Bump-stock ban – bump stocks have only been used in one crime, out in Nevada and there is no evidence that it increased the number of injuries or fatalities
  • Allow local government to implement gun control (get rid of firearm pre-emption law) – the Virginia Beach government building was already a “gun-free zone.”  What are they going to do, make it a double-gun-free-zone?  This legislation would make gun laws in Virginia extremely hard to comply with, benefiting criminals, who don’t care about laws, and dissuading good people due to the complexities of carrying legally as they travel through the state
  • Punish those who’ve had a gun stolen if they don’t report it quick enough – as if having your gun stolen isn’t bad enough, you will get punished by the State if you don’t report it fast enough.  How do you prove you reported the theft within the arbitrary timeframe the law would require?
  • Charge gun owners with a felony if a child has access to loaded gun – this includes a “child” who is a 17-year-old, has broken into your locked house, and found a loaded gun in your nightstand!  There have been many cases where someone under 18 has used a firearm to save their life during a home invasion.  That would get the parent a felony charge under this law.

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