Calling All Patriots!

You Must Stop Amnesty Now!

Join the DC March for Jobs in Washington, July 15th

The Gang of 8 Amnesty Bill has passed the Senate, and is now in the House. We MUST stop this bill. If we don’t, millions will be put out of work, you will be saddled with Billions more in debt, American culture will be forever changed, and Conservatives may be out of power…FOREVER!

Sign Up for a FREE Bus Seat to Washington!

Richmond Tea Party has arranged for 2 busloads of Patriots to go for FREE!

The March begins at 9:30, July 15th, at Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC. Conservative groups will join the Black American Leadership Alliance and then march on the Capital

A Rally with Speakers and Music will take place on Capitol Hill

Keynote Speaker is Allen West!

Other speakers include, Congressman Mo Brooks, Senator Elbert Guillory, Leah Durant and CL Bryant


To Sign Up, You must register at TWO different sites!

1. Click on this link to register for a free bus seat(s) on the Eventbrite website.

2. Click on this link to register for the March and Rally, or call 202-349-0858

The Buses will depart from the Wal-Mart parking lot at the intersection of I-95 and E. Parham Rd. The address is:

7901 Brook Rd (Rte. 1) Richmond VA 23227 http://goo.gl/maps/yjui0

Departure Time is 5:30 AM

You may leave your car in the far end of the parking lot all day!

SPECIAL NOTE! I know many of you just recently supported the “Audit the IRS” Rally in Washington. We are asking that you make the sacrifice to rally again on July 15th!

We Must Stop Amnesty! This Fight is for “All the Marbles!”

Proudly wear your Tea Party yellow shirts! SEE YOU THERE!

Visit the Richmond Tea Party Eventbrite event site to reserve your seat(s) by clicking below.

[maxbutton id=”16″]   Reserve your seats now! More information coming soon (See UPDATE below)  

 ***UPDATE 7/11/2013 ***

RALLY in DC to defeat the Amnesty Bill! The House of Representatives is in discussion RIGHT NOW to determine the future of our country. So far, we are holding our own on preventing passage of the bill that would grant citizenship to over 11 million illegal aliens and introduce them into our already-struggling workforce. BUT WE MUST KEEP UP THE PRESSURE to put us over the top! Join other conservative groups and the Black American Leadership Alliance for the DC March for Jobs!

Free buses will take you to DC and drop you off at Freedom Plaza in time for the 9:30 march to Capitol Hill (a 30-minute walk). We will then hear music and inspiring speeches from Tea Party favorites, such as Col.Allen West, Ted Cruz, Steve King, Mo Brooks, Senator Elbert Guillory (who recently switched from the Democratic to Republican Party), outspoken minister and Tea Party member CL Bryant, Leah Durant, and more.

Your FREE bus will depart at 5:30am (a small sacrifice for your country…you can sleep on the bus!) from the Wal-Mart parking lot at 7901 Brook Rd, Richmond. The bus will drop you off right at Freedom Plaza for the beginning of the march. As of now, pick-up after the rally will be at 4:00pm at Union Station, just 3 blocks from Capitol Hill. Be alert for changes to the pick-up for your ride home. Your bus captain will let you know final details.

You may sign up for a FREE bus seat here:


We MUST defeat the Amnesty Bill, as it will devastate our economy and change our nation forever! Come join your fellow Patriots and save your country! See you there!