The Most Unkindest Cut of All?

In Federal GovernmentSpeak, a “cut” is a decrease in an expected increase.  That is, the budget ALWAYS expands; sometimes, that expansion is not as much as other times; nevertheless, it is still an expansion. Paradoxically, for you and me, a "cut" means having less to spend next year.  The Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) yearly analysis [...]

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Who Will Top the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Convention Presidential Straw Poll?

PRESS RELEASE Nationally Known Speakers, Breakout Seminars & National Policy Experts Forum also Featured Richmond, Va. – One of the first presidential straw polls of the 2012 campaign will be a highlight of the inaugural Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention on Oct. 8-9 in Richmond, Va. The straw poll, administered by leading conservative media group [...]

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