Chesterfield Monthly Profiles Richmond-Area Activism

In the latest copy of the Chesterfield Monthly magazine (print and online), there was a multi-page spread discussing the Dave Brat win over Eric Cantor and the general activist-machine across the Richmond area. Also covers items like the Chesterfield comprehensive plan and the meals tax. A good read, but with a leftward slant here-and-there. Whether [...]

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Chesterfield County Sets Dates for Comprehensive Plan Review

[sws_tp_red_box] [sws_ui_icon ui_theme="ui-smoothness" icon="ui-icon-alert"] [/sws_ui_icon] From the Chesterfield County website, below is a press release detailing the schedule (by district) for informational meetings about the comprehensive plan. If you want to be a part of the decisions that will directly affect you and your family, please consider attending. It's your duty.[/sws_tp_red_box] For Immediate Release Chesterfield [...]

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