Recovery? WHAT Recovery?!

(Data sources are US CBO and Federal Reserve) The chart above (click, then click again to enlarge) shows three data sets: 1) in red, the federal budget deficit; 2) in dark blue, US Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the supposed size of the US economy; 3) in highlighted light blue, shows what US GDP would be [...]

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The Financial Condition of the World: Excerpts from the Alternative and Mainstream Financial Press (Part II)

In this second installment, I bring you another veteran's opinion of the financial condition of the world. I heartily recommend listening to the entire interview with Felix Zulauf at KingWorldNews: Some highlights follow: Felix Zulauf: I think we are living in a time when we are going through many crises but the common denominator of [...]

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Greece is AIG; Guess Who’s Playing the U.S. Taxpayer?

If you answered: "WE ARE!", you're absolutely correct! Here's the latest and greatest on the bankers' rape of the U.S. taxpayer. Many of you are following the "Greek Tragedy" that is, well, Greece. The Greek state joined the European Union a few years ago, under false pretenses. You see, there are sovereign debt limits imposed [...]

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