Democrat Candidate for Governor Absolutely Gallops into Campaign Gutter

Well, that didn't take long. If you were perhaps hoping to avoid a gutter campaign for the election this year, you can already cast aside any illusions...we're already over the edge of the gutter. Democratic candidate for Virginia Governor Ralph Northam attacked his republican opponent (Ed Gillespie) today with a completely dishonest and disgusting racial [...]

Ed Gillespie wins GOP US Senate nomination

Its official...Shak Hill has has just conceded the race to Ed Gillespie. Gillespie will be the republican candidate in the US Senate race against democrat Mark Warner in November.   GOP Candidate for Senate Ed Gillespie and his Family    

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RPV Convention 2014

              The Republican Party of Virginia has its convention today in Roanoke to select the republican candidate for US Senate. The big story here is the race between "grassroots" candidate Shak Hill and "establishment" candidate Ed Gillespie. For live-blogging updates from Roanoke, you can visit: live coverage [...]

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