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There are many great educational resources that can be found online. One such resource is, which has a ton of great content available across a number of topics such as Economics, Law, History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Politics and Policy. Here you will find short topical videos, longer video lectures, even scheduled seminars for [...]

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Engaging in peaceful debates – teaching others

When we think of the word “debate” we often visualize two or more people arguing with one another, with each side trying to convince the other of who is right and who is wrong. However, rarely does such a debate convince anyone to change their mind. During formal debates the arguments can be stated in [...]

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Register Now! The Beacon Hill summer symposium “Herein We Stand”

Presents “Herein We Stand” a symposium for teens and adults at the Virginia State Capitol, Friday, July 30! Are you tired of all the talk of 'politics'? Are you allergic to politics or are you virtually a politico? Confused about all that is happening in the federal government? Are YOU worried about what the country [...]

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Chesterfield School Board recommends property tax increase during recession

It was recently published that the Chesterfield School Board, that has majority Republicans on the Board, are now recommending to the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors a .06 cent increase in the personal property tax for Chesterfield residents. It was rationalized that this was acceptable because the Chesterfield resident would not feel the impact. How? Well...because [...]

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