Obama at historical low in polls

Rasmussen reported on July 21 that: Over the past year, the Democrats fixed on what they thought was a devastating four-word slogan to defeat Republicans in 2010: "The Party of No." Unlike many campaign slogans, it was fair enough. After all, the Republicans had opposed almost unanimously all of President Obama's major bills (socialized health [...]

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Independents overwhelmingly support Tea Party

In a recent poll released by Investor's Business Daily, it shows that seventy-five (75%) of Independents have a favorable view of the Tea Party movement. This is great news for us. This just goes to show that our ideas and platform are mainstream. People are listening, we just need to keep sharing what we are [...]

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New poll shows 'Tea Party' more popular than Republican Party

Yahoo News, December 7, 2009 “The response of all those who were polled was Democratic 36%, Tea Party 23% and Republican 18%. Further, the poll found that independents are more inclined to vote for a tea party candidate over Democratic or Republican candidates.  While some Republicans have expressed dismay over the emergence of the tea [...]

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