Property Rights Victory in Virginia

On Monday, the Virginia General Assembly passed a landmark resolution affecting private property rights.  It paves the way for Virginians to vote on whether they would like their private property rights amended to the Virginia Constitution.  Later this year, on the same day we Virginians will vote for a US president and a new US [...]

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Virginians! Protect Your Property Rights

This call for action is from Americans for Prosperity. Also note that the Cooperative Legislative Action Committee (CoLA)   believes protecting Virginians' property rights is  a  priority. (www.cola.   Dear Virginian: Join us in protecting property rights in Virginia. Experts on property rights, land use, and Agenda 21 will share with you why now is the [...]

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Lobby Day 2011

Another Lobby day has come and gone. The 2011 General Assembly is open for business. Why should you care? Here is a taste of what we are doing in the GA this year. The Repeal Amendment, Property rights, Ending sanctuary cities, Tax reform. That's only the beginning. We delivered our legislative agendas to all 140 [...]

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