Tea Party Patriots Denounce SCOTUS Ruling in King v. Burwell

Atlanta, Ga. – Just now, in a 6 – 3 ruling, the Supreme Court upheld the federal government’s right to provide subsidies in states that did not set up their own exchanges, despite the clear language of the law. Under Section 1311 of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), the federal government is only permitted to [...]

SCOTUS: Laws Don’t Mean What They Say | VQH

Virginians for Quality Healthcare disappointed at Supreme Court decision in the King vs. Burwell case re: Obamacare. Virginians lose significant benefits due to decision. Ruling in favor of fewer jobs, lower wages and higher healthcare costs. CHANTILLY, VA, June 25, 2015 – – Virginians for Quality Healthcare (VQH) expresses its disappointment at the Supreme Court decision in [...]

Supreme Court (Re)States The Obvious: Congress Can Make You Do Anything It Wants

...as long as either they, or SCOTUS, call non-compliance a "tax." According to uber-conservative Bush II appointee Roberts: The Affordable Care Act describes the “[s]hared responsibility payment” as a “penalty,” not a “tax.” That label is fatal to the application of the Anti-Injunction Act. It does not, however, control whether an exaction is within Congress’s [...]

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U.S. Supreme Court: Florida v. Health & Human Services (HHS)

Thanks to the American Legislative Exchange Council for pointing out a list of key dates for when the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will consider Florida v. HHS*, the lawsuit regarding the federal health care reform law known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).                                                  BRIEFING SCHEDULE January 27: Deadline for [...]

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