Election fraud in Virginia is REAL, and expanding

From Polizette, right on the heels of the story about democrats registering dead people to vote: Bombshell: Over 1,000 Illegal Voters in Eight Virginia Localities New report finds evidence of widespread voter fraud in the crucial swing state More than 1,000 aliens, or residents who are not U.S. citizens, have been free to vote illegally [...]

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Interview with Reagan George from the Virginia Voters Alliance

Click below for an interview with Reagan George from the Virginia Voters Alliance, discussing election fraud subjects such as duplicate registrations across multiple states and shenanigans involving ballots by mail. Without confidence in our elections, everything falls apart. Segment is around 20 minutes in length. https://soundcloud.com/monticellomedia/0800-interview-with-reagan-george-of-va-voters-alliance?in=monticellomedia%2Fsets%2Fjoe-thomas-podcasts  

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Governor McDonnell, Support SB1 (voter ID bill) NOW!

From the Virginia Voters Alliance: All, The Governor hasn't signed SB1 (the voter id bill) yet, and is considering vetoing it because the GA took out his amendment that allowed local election boards to simply compare signatures on provisional ballots and registration cards in order to eliminate the need for a voter without ID to [...]

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