Important information for Tuesday’s election!

From our friends at Middle Resolution comes (2) reminders for the election on Tuesday November 4th: 1. Voter's in VA's 7th District vote TWICE for House representative. You must vote once for the special session to fill Eric Cantor's vacated seat until January, and then a 2nd time for the full term that begins in [...]

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New Virginia Voter ID Law In Effect

Virginia has a new voter ID law on the books effective today, requiring that voters provide photo ID. To address the breathless claims of "repressing the vote" by requiring ID, the law makes it pretty darn easy to obtain a free ID. Details below, from Breitbart and the AP: The new law now requires that [...]

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You Did it! Breaking: Gov McDonnell Signs Voter ID Bill

[sws_ui_icon ui_theme="ui-smoothness" icon="ui-icon-star"] [/sws_ui_icon] Voter ID legislation that was sitting on Governor McDonnell's desk finally got a signature today. The law now requires that ID be shown to vote, while also expanding the types of documents that serve as acceptable ID. For any resident that appears at the polls without ID, a provisional [...]

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