I’ve blogged before on this site using as a byline, a name that could identify me. I chose the name when opponents of the Tea Party were full of contempt—not yet hatred—for us because of our core principles of limited government, fiscal restraint, personal responsibility, and governing with virtue and accountability, which are antithetical to their beliefs and practices. This summer, because of the Tea Party’s success in electing politicians who adhere to these principles and promoting legislation consistent with the principles, the opponents’ scorn turned to overt hatred. These opponents include the vice president, who calls us terrorists; Democratic congresspersons who call us enemies, accuse us of wanting to hang black people, and tell us we can go straight to hell; and the head of the Teamsters union, an Obama advisor, who calls us “son of bitches” and urges his followers to kill us. Obama railed against lack of civility when his supporters were falsely accusing us of that charge. But now he’s ominously silent.

It’s been said that the name calling and threats are simply harmless rhetoric. But when our opponents were hurling the incivil slander against us, their leaders emphasized the possibility and even likelihood of incivility turning to violence. Hearing their angry statements and knowing they believe this kind of talk leads to violence, I’m afraid. Afraid that radicals will take their leaders’ hints and begin shooting and bombing. Maybe assassinating me and my family if I’m publicly identified with the Tea Party. I will not be intimidated—and maybe intimidation is their hope for all in the Tea Party—but I’m not stupid. Violence may or may not be likely, but it’s very possible. I’m using a byline for this blog and all subsequent blogs that will not identify me.

I never thought anyone in this country would endanger himself and his family by espousing high-minded ideals. But that’s what’s happened under the thugocracy that now rules our beloved nation.