Chesterfield County School Board mishandling your money?

The numbers are not adding up regarding Capital Improvement Plans in Chesterfield County, to the point that the Chesterfield Observer is now covering the controversy. There’s millions of dollars in funding that to-date can’t be properly explained…and when I say “funding” I mean “your money”.

And school system spokesman Tim Bullis wasn’t interested in answering questions about the funding shenanigans, either:

During an email interview with the Observer last week, Bullis declined to offer specifics about where remaining the $5.8 million came from or identify any of the other capital projects from which the school system saved millions of dollars.

All county residents should demand that all funding sources be identified and that the books are open and transparent…and that the Board of Supervisors watch more closely what is happening and increase school financial oversight.

As a taxpayer, you deserve nothing less…and should expect more.

Read more coverage over at the Chesterfield Taxpayer Alliance website:

Chesterfield Taxpayer Alliance: Do you know how much your Chesterfield County Public School "System" is out of control?.

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