Is the Republican Leadership about to Kneecap Conservatives?

Interesting article today on Conservative Review detailing how House Speaker John Boehner may be about to launch an attack on House conservatives. If the republicans pick up some House seats in November using squishy moderate candidates, Boehner may begin to get the numbers he needs to partner with democrats to ram through whatever part of the progressive agenda on which they agree…like amnesty and retaining Obamacare.

Boehner’s rally cry for November is not repealing Obamacare, protecting our homeland from terrorism, illegal immigration, and infectious diseases, or reducing the cost of living imposed on us by government. It is essentially a pitch to vote for soggy white bread candidates so that…Boehner can give Democrats a majority over conservatives in the House.

Its not really getting THAT crazy, is it? I guess its “buyer beware”, so be prepared.

If Republicans grow their House majority and win back the Senate the night of November 5, everyone will be in a celebratory mode. Conservatives should celebrate as well. But the very next day, they should be prepared with a list of conservative agenda items and some clear redlines concerning leadership elections and the way the House legislative business is conducted.

Read it all here:

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