Chesterfield Monthly Profiles Richmond-Area Activism

In the latest copy of the Chesterfield Monthly magazine (print and online), there was a multi-page spread discussing the Dave Brat win over Eric Cantor and the general activist-machine across the Richmond area. Also covers items like the Chesterfield comprehensive plan and the meals tax. A good read, but with a leftward slant here-and-there.

Whether recent history is a precursor of things to come – or the conservative message falls on deaf ears in coming elections – is anyone’s guess. But one thing’s for certain after Cantor’s defeat: Ignore the tea party movement at your own peril.

Read it all here:

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Eric uncomfortably admits that until about 10 years ago, he was a political "free rider", always thinking that others would do the heavy lifting to keep America on course. After watching both democrats and republicans steer us FAR in the wrong direction, Eric knew he had to get involved. Now working with Richmond Tea Party to advance conservative principles, Eric serves on the Board of Directors and as a resource for "all things technology".

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