We’re moving to MailChimp!

What is MailChimp? Well, its a newsletter service that enjoys high levels of popularity and offers many integration and service features. If you’re currently (or previously) subscribed to our newsletters, you’ve been exposed to Constant Contact, which is our existing newsletter service. While Constant Contact has served our needs, it has some features we don’t need, and frankly, is too expensive. We’re always looking for ways to pare down our operating expenses, and it seems that now is the time to make the jump to MailChimp.

Watch for more information on this change in the coming days. The important takeaway information here is to come back here to the website to resubscribe if you notice that you are no longer hearing from us. We do plan to migrate all subscribers to the new service, so we don’t expect any problems. But with security filters being really aggressive these days, we’d hate to lose contact with you due to some overly-zealous spam filters on your email service not recognizing our new service as “trusted” or valid. As always for good practice to receive mail from known/wanted senders, its a good idea to add our contact address to your address book: teapartypatriots@richmondteaparty.com.

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Eric uncomfortably admits that until about 10 years ago, he was a political "free rider", always thinking that others would do the heavy lifting to keep America on course. After watching both democrats and republicans steer us FAR in the wrong direction, Eric knew he had to get involved. Now working with Richmond Tea Party to advance conservative principles, Eric serves on the Board of Directors and as a resource for "all things technology".

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