Nov 5 Election: What is going on? Why vote?  What’s at stake?

From where is the out-of state money coming?

Here is a note from from Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.(VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

Let’s take a look at what can happen if we get an anti-gun Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, or House of Delegates.  (The Senate is not up for election this year and it will remain ever so very slightly pro-gun.)

GOVERNOR – An anti-gun Governor could totally stop any and all forward pro-gun movement using the power of the veto.  (Overriding a veto is extremely hard to do.)  I remember four miserable years under Governor Tim Kaine as he vetoed one gun bill after the other.  The Governor also controls a plethora of state agencies that are important to gun owners, including the State Police, the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, and State Parks.  Governor Kaine told the State Parks to ignore an Attorney General’s opinion that said open carry could not be banned in State Parks.  After Governor McDonnell took office, he reversed that order, making open carry legal there.

LT. GOVERNOR – While the Lt. Governor rarely gets to vote, he does get to do so anytime there is a tie vote in the Senate.  And as such, an anti-gun Lt. Governor could make the difference in a pro-gun bill failing or an anti-gun bill passing.  Some recent pro-gun votes in the Senate have had razor-thin margins and ties are certainly possible.

ATTORNEY GENERAL – The Attorney General does two important things that affect gun owners.  First, he issues opinions that interpret the law.  For example, Attorney General Cuccinelli issued an opinion that handguns can be stored in an **unlocked** glovebox or console by a non-CHP holder.  He also issued an opinion that carrying for self-defense meets the “good and sufficient” requirement for carry in a church during a service.  Second, the Attorney General’s opinions carry a lot of weight with state and local government agencies, as the Attorney General is their counsel and they would be ill advised to ignore his opinions.

HOUSE – If we lose some pro-gun Delegates in the House, it will weaken our ability to stop anti-gun bills and to pass pro-gun bills.  Worse, if we have an anti-gun Governor and lose control of the House, it would greatly increase the odds that gun-control bills could actually be passed into law!


If you want to protect your gun rights and continue rolling back gun-control, YOU NEED TO VOTE AND SO DOES YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS, AND CO-WORKERS.

There is a prediction that the turnout is going to be very low.  That means that YOUR VOTE is going to be even more powerful.  IT WILL BE THE MOTIVATED VOTERS THAT DETERMINE WHO WINS THE ELECTION.

Get those yard signs up.  Get the bumper stickers on your vehicles.  Talk to everyone you can to get them to vote pro-gun.  VOTE.

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New York City-style gun-control for Virginia?

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to bring gun control to Virginia so badly he can taste it and has just given the Terry McAuliffe Campaign 1.1 million dollars for ads to do so.

This is a serious threat to gun owners in Virginia.  McAuliffe begged Bloomberg for that money and I have no doubt that McAuliffe will repay Bloomberg out of gun-owner’s hides if he gets the opportunity to do so.  The price for apathy will be very high this time and the difference between the candidates can’t be more stark for gun owners:


Michael Bloomberg to buy big for Terry McAuliffe

Michael Bloomberg’s pro-gun-control super PAC will drop $1.1 million on ads for Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the final two weeks of the Virginia governor’s race.

The billionaire New York City mayor’s money will be siphoned through Independence USA PAC into broadcast television commercials in the D.C. market, according to two sources tracking the air war.

McAuliffe has courted and wooed Bloomberg, privately seeking his support on a trip to New York City Hall in August.

Bloomberg, who bills himself as an independent, has spent more than $15 million on various gun control initiatives. He just spent $1 million helping elect Newark Mayor Cory Booker to a U.S. Senate seat in last Wednesday’s New Jersey special election to replace the late Frank Lautenberg, long a champion of gun control measures.

McAuliffe is unapologetic about his support for stricter gun laws, including an assault weapons ban, universal background checks, limiting the size of magazines and preventing people from buying more than one gun a month. He would unquestionably be a close Bloomberg ally should he win.

The campaign of Republican Ken Cuccinelli, who supports a focus on mental health to reduce gun violence, slammed the ads as out-of-state interference.

“Terry McAuliffe and his allies are spending tens of millions of dollars in an attempt to buy Virginia’s governor’s mansion and impose an idealogical agenda that will severely restrict Virginian’s Second Amendment rights, hike energy prices for Virginia families and undermine our right-to-work laws,” said Cuccinelli communications director Richard T. Cullen.

Cuccinelli is trailing in the polls, partly because he is getting so massively outspent on television. Groups like Planned Parenthood, the National Education Association and billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer have poured in millions.

“McAuliffe’s liberal supporters like Steyer and now Mayor Bloomberg aren’t pumping millions into this race for a few laughs,” said Cullen. “They’re doing so because they expect a return on their investment.”

h/t: Fairlakes Tea Party