From an editorial in The News & Advance“Apathy Will Be the Death of Society Yet,” the editors opine:


In just a few weeks, voters in Virginia will head to the polls to elect their representatives to the General Assembly and to fill local offices all over the commonwealth.

Well, a few of us will, at least.

Earlier this month, Christopher Newport University and the Richmond Times-Dispatch conducted a statewide poll of voters to gauge the interest level in the 2011 elections, and the results are maddening, infuriating and saddening.

More than 70 percent of those who took part in the poll are barely paying attention to the elections, if at all. More than 60 percent said they’re paying “little attention,” while 10 percent answered “not at all.” Only 13.5 percent said they care “a lot,” and only 14 percent said they care “some.”

And sadly, those numbers likely foreshadow the Nov. 8 turnout.


On 8 Oct., U.S. presidential candidate, Herman Cain, gave a rousing speech in the ballroom of the Greater Richmond Convention Center, wherein he called for folks to “kick it up.”  For those of us in the TEA Party, we can kick it up by participating in the 50-50-50+ Campaign: $50, 50 names, or 50 miles.  At least.

  • Donate $50 to a campaign.  
  • Call 50 names in a district. 
  • Or drive 50+ miles to work in a district.

Several candidates for the Virginia Senate are TEA Party-minded folks who could use our help. If you are of means, the least time-consuming thing you can do is send at least one candidate $50.

If you don’t mind making some phone calls, call 50 people in a candidate’s district.  The campaign will gladly provide you with a list of 50 names and a script.  Odds are that you will leave 35 messages on voice mail, you will reach ten disconnected or bad numbers, and you will speak for two minutes to five people, all of this in about one hour.

If you are truly convicted and convinced that a candidate could use your help, then drive at least 50 miles to that candidate’s district and volunteer for him or her by putting up yard signs, delivering palm cards door to door, or walking neighborhoods talking to people.

50.  It’s a beautiful number worth investing in that could produce great dividends come Election Day.

I’ve chosen three candidates to support in at least one of these ways.  Whom will you support, and how will you support him or her?  If you would like to review candidates on your own, you may find all of them at

As of Thur., 20 Oct., we have 19 days left to help like-minded candidates win.  Please do your part, or we might have a repeat of this.