As far as I’m concerned, the Tea Party can go straight to hell. And, and, I intend to help them get there.

~From Breitbart TV

Maxine, allow me to address your recent remarks about the Tea Party during the “Kitchen Table Summit” in Ingleside, California. As an African American Tea Party Patriot, I suggest that you take a closer look at who’s in the Tea Party. There you will find me and the many other African Americans who love freedom more than having a black President. I pray that the power of my pen will root out that self-righteous spirit which you display so honorably.

We, the Tea Parties of America, have used peaceful marches of civil disobedience to notify Washington politicians that we disapprove of their policies, policies which strip us of our rights as free citizens. A refresher class in history may prompt your memory and set you straight. Historically, voices like yours have stood in the way of liberty and freedom for women and blacks. Have you, as a woman, forgotten the acts of civil disobedience by American women during their suffrage in the 1800s?  Where would you have stood 28 October 1886? Would you have been on the boat off Bedloe’s Island, protesting with the women who were denied attendance at the Statue of Liberty dedication? Or Maxine, would you have towed the line, as you are now, telling those very women to go to hell? Have you as a black American forgotten about the civil disobedience of blacks during the 60’s as Martin Luther King and millions of blacks marched in protest against an oppressive government? How ironic that you now represent that very government and capitalize on the same tone of oppressiveness. I, Maxine, dare not forget.

Do not forget the acts of civil disobedience against England when King George tried to levy taxes on its citizens without representation. Or even more recently you may recall in Egypt, Libya, and Iran, the women and men who marched in peaceful protest against an unjust oppressive government. Maxine, will you tell these same freedom-loving citizens to go to hell also? Do we not have the right to say “no” to an oppressive government? Isn’t this the right of those living in a free society?  The Tea Party has marched in peaceful protest against Washington’s bureaucratic system which no one ,you yourself being one, wants to fix.  We just want the politicians to abide by the United States Constitution.

You may think you’re gifted in the art of slander and ridicule; in actuality, you are just vomiting the liberal propaganda that has been spoon fed to you for many years. Furthermore, who or what gives you the authority, right, gall, and audacity to tell those who love liberty to go to hell? The poison of asps is under your tongue, Maxine. You mislead the people you represent. You have morphed from a servant of the people to a harsh slave master who leverages her tongue to whip and then to shackle its “citizens” in chains of Socialism while you comfortably reap the benefits of freedom.

Finally, I would like to recall what Moses said to Pharaoh: Maxine “let my people go”; freedom and liberty are not yours to hold in your self-righteous hands. Freedom and liberty belong to the people who voted you in office.


A Patriot for Freedom,

Gilbert Wilkerson, Sr.