GreetingsLarryNordvig Patriots!

As a matter of introduction, I’m Laurence “Larry” Nordvig. In case you have not yet heard, I have just been chosen as the new Executive Director of the Richmond Tea Party. I consider it both an honor and an opportunity to have been selected. My vision for the Tea Party is the same as yours. Like all of you, I am very concerned about the disastrous course of our Nation, and the disturbing hostility and arrogance displayed by both major political parties. Today, the Constitution is all but ignored, we are burdened by crushing debt, our God-given personal liberties are under relentless attack, and the social and cultural fabric of the Nation is unraveling at an alarming pace! I think I speak for many when I say, “Enough! I want my Country back!”

Well, it’s time for frustration to be transformed into action! I have spent my first 2 weeks getting to know many of you…the Patriots who represent our only hope. By any measure, I see that you are made of the “right stuff,” more than equal to the task of re-taking America! Many Richmond Tea Party supporters stand ready to volunteer their time, energy, and money, eager to be given an opportunity to strike back! Well, your time has come! I am re-organizing the way we do business. Volunteers will soon be formed into “Action Groups.” These groups will be busy operating in the areas of Activism, Government Affairs, Recruiting, Fundraising, Community/Youth Outreach, and a sustained Media Blitz! Each of you will be matched to your area of interest and, if needed, trained to do your jobs. Some of you will even conduct that training, or lead a group. What’s more, some groups will be of your own creation! If you have a good idea, we can form an “Action Group” around it and get it done! An organized, effective effort is the key. We will share the load.

At times, we will also mass together, shoulder-to-shoulder, in rallies and demonstrations, effecting change through the power of sheer numbers. Like you, I’m tired of playing defense, merely reacting to every new onslaught from the opposition. It’s time we go on the attack! We will relentlessly hammer at the progressive agenda until it is destroyed! Our work has already begun, thanks to you. Even as I write this, our “Robo-calls” are streaming into citizens’ homes in multiple precincts, holding accountable delegates who recently voted to heap the largest tax increase in the history of Virginia upon you! Other actions are beginning to unfold, some behind the scenes. Fellow Tea Party groups have offered to coordinate actions with us and to provide additional “boots on the ground” when needed. I will not mince words—we are in a battle for the very survival of our Nation. We must unite and fight together! Armed with the vision and Constitution of our Founding Fathers, and with the determination to crush those who would dare trample our liberty underfoot, we will battle our way back to the America we long to restore. What you do here, in Virginia, will ripple through governments around the globe. There is no one else left to fight—you are the last, best hope of the Nation! Now’s the time, Richmond Tea Party! Rise! Fight! Win!

For Liberty,
Laurence Nordvig