First for the good news:

  • SB 417 passed the House today, 66-29! This means that one half of the RTP’s health care freedom initiative has successfully navigated the legislative branch of VA. Now, the bill should be enrolled and sent on to the governor, who is expected to sign it. However, procedurally, that might not happen for another several weeks.
  • HB 69, the VA Firearms Freedom Act, was reported by the full Militia Friday morning, 17-2. It should now come before the full House for debate and a vote next Monday and/or Tuesday. For HB 69 to receive a vote by the House before “crossover”, it will have to move through its three readings in two days. This is not uncommon as each house approaches Crossover. So, when we actually see the debate and vote on Monday and/or Tuesday is hard to say.
  • Now the bad news from our friend at Campaign for Liberty, Donna Holt:

  • Word just came that Bob Marshall’s HB10 has been assigned to the Senate Education and Health Committee. Why would this bill be assigned to Education and Health when the Senate versions were assigned to Commerce and Trade if not to stop it’s passage? Can it be that no one on the Senate side wants Bob Marshall to get credit for his defense of our health care freedom? What about credit for all of your hard work on HB10 which was the first bill we came together on.

We must call and email the members of the Senate Education and Health Committee immediately. Be polite, but be firm. We will tell you that the votes to get this out of Committee are currently NOT THERE!

State Senators who are a part of the Senate Education and Health Committee:

Houck (Chairman), Saslaw, Lucas, Howell, Quayle, Martin, Newman, Edwards, Ruff, Whipple, Blevins, Locke, Barker, Northam, Miller, J.C.

Phone Number Contacts
Email Addresses

UPDATE FROM DONNA HOLT: No sooner than I sent the last email out, HB10 was reassigned to the Senate Commerce & Trade Committee.

Either you are REALLY fast on the draw or they realized their mistake and fixed it. While I have no doubt you are always fast on the draw, I gather they realized their mistake and reassigned the bill to the appropriate committee.

That being said the action has is the same but directed to the members of the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee.

Use the contact links above. This is the list of the members of the Commerce and Labor Committee:
Saslaw (Chairman), Colgan, Miller, Y.B., Wampler, Norment, Stosch, Edwards, Watkins, Wagner, Newman, Puckett, Puller, Herring, McEachin, Deeds