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for “Free Market, Doctor-Patient Centered Healthcare” *

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Direct Primary Care Agreements

 HB 685  Direct primary care agreements; Commonwealth’s insurance laws do not apply.

The bill defines a direct primary care agreement as an agreement

entered into between a health care provider and an individual patient

A small step in the right direction!

Please call and email committee members

please focus on Norment and Wagner

Wagner,  district07@senate.virginia.gov 804 698-7507

   Norment,  district03@senate.virginia.gov  804 698-7503

 Newman, district23@senate.virginia.gov 804 698-7523

  Obenshain, district26@senate.virginia.gov 804 698-7526

Stuart,  district28@senate.virginia.gov  804 698-7528

Stanley,  district20@senate.virginia.gov  804 698-7520

Cosgrove, district14@senate.virginia.gov  804 698-7514

 Chafin,  district38@senate.virginia.gov  804 698-7538

McDougle,  district38@senate.virginia.gov  804 698-7538

 Black, district13@senate.virginia.gov  804 698-7513

 Sturtevant  district10@senate.virginia.gov  804 698-7510



HB685:  Bill Summary

Update: SB270 No Sanctuary Cities in VA –  We support – passed committee :)

Update: HB389 Education Savings Accounts – We support – passed committee; Rereferred to Finance

Update: HB936 Special credit for English deficient students – We Opposed – Dead

* Tea Party Federation: Leadership Summit opinion poll 2/13/16

The word from around the General Assembly –

“Your calls and emails are making a difference”

Thanks so much everyone!


Carol Stopps and The CoLA Team
Cooperative Legislative Action (CoLA)
VA Tea Party Patriots Federation



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