….the OTHER CANDIDATES! That’s who.

The Richmond Association of Realtors is holding a “joint appearance of U.S. Senatorial Candidates [with] George Allen and Tim Kaine.” They are promoting this as a “gathering of former governors.” Why is that a problem? Well, for starters, only TWO of the FIVE candidates are invited. So as a Realtor, you’re not given the opportunity to hear all the senatorial candidates? According to RAR, members need not concern themselves with¬† Jamie Radtke? Bob Marshall? E.W. Jackson? They have been rendered irrelevant in the electoral process? Really?

Now, we recognize that private organizations have the right to include or exclude guests speakers of their choosing; however, if the purpose of this event is to have its members “hear each candidate’s approach to fostering a healthy housing industry,” then shouldn’t members be exposed to ALL candidates? Should not members hear ALL “candidates’ approaches to fostering a healthy housing industry” and be well-informed? Or has the Richmond Association of Realtors already decided who its members must chose between?


Come line the streets

Wednesday, May 2, 8:30 a.m., at the Hilton Short Pump

(12042 West Broad Street).


Where to meet?

Go to Short Pump off Broad to Town Center West Blvd.

Turn (R) across from Hilton;

go past Grow Salon to gravel parking lot.

Rally in support of ALL Senatorial Candidates!

…not just the chosen few.


Tell the Richmond Association of Realtors¬† that their gesture to eliminate three of the five senatorial candidates is lockstep with the political establishment (let alone the GOP or Dem. establishment). Let the “establishment” know that the voters should hear from ALL candidates, not just the two hand-selected ones.



Want to know who the other three GOP candidates are? Check VARight.com