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With all the craziness that we try to monitor with our local, state, and federal governments, it’s important to pause every so often to recognize the “wins” in our efforts. To say that the last 60 days have been extremely successful would be an understatement. Let me run through what’s been happening:

  1. Today it was formally announced that Chesterfield County is putting its budget online in a searchable database. This is a huge win for area activists (led by Chester Patriots), as residents can now enjoy some level of transparency in where their dollars are being spent. READ MORE.
  2. It was also reported today that Chesterfield County was going to audit the circumstances surrounding the release of $9 million dollars to the School Board, seemingly against Board of Supervisors mandates as to the mechanics of the expenditure. This was a result of direct pressure from area activists. READ MORE.
  3. As we reported yesterday, Larry Nordvig won his election for the 2nd District on the Powhatan County Board of Supervisors. Larry was recently part of Richmond Tea Party, acting as our executive director. READ MORE.
  4. Susan Lascolette was recently appointed to the Chairman position on the Goochland County Board of Supervisors. Susan has a long history with local tea parties, currently serving on the Richmond Tea Party Board of Directors and a founding member of the Goochland Tea Party. READ MORE.
  5. We also need to mention John Lumpkins, who is currently the Chairman of the Goochland County School Board. John hails from the Goochland Tea Party, where he served on its Board of Directors.


….and this list is not complete! Its encouraging to see such a high level of tea party influence across central Virginia, as these folks are solid conservatives who I know will act and govern admirably. Do you still think that you can’t make a difference….that there’s no reason to get PERSONALLY involved? Let these successes provide some examples of what YOU could accomplish if you decided to get in the game.

Huge congrats to all who saw his/her efforts rewarded and recognized. We all owe you our thanks for making the decision to get involved to make that difference.