Attention All Proponents of Gun Control:

We know you likely mean well. We recognize that many of you just want fewer people to be hurt. HOWEVER:

Its not about the gun. Its about the evil in men’s hearts. Evil will always find a way.

We present to you….new calls for “Knife control” in London. Yes…knife control.

This is because London has seen a spike in murders….even exceeding that of New York City. Yes, you read that correctly…”safe” London with its ban on firearms (essentially), has more murders than NYC. You see, the problem is not the tool….not the weapon. The problem is the person who operates the tool. Let London be the perfect illustration of why your calls to restrict 2nd Amendment rights will never result in victory….because evil will always find a way. If not guns, knives. If not knives, something else.

So please don’t call to strip us of of our rights…no, instead call for people to be better. Its the only solution.

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About the Author:

Eric uncomfortably admits that until about 10 years ago, he was a political "free rider", always thinking that others would do the heavy lifting to keep America on course. After watching both democrats and republicans steer us FAR in the wrong direction, Eric knew he had to get involved. Now working with Richmond Tea Party to advance conservative principles, Eric serves on the Board of Directors and as a resource for "all things technology".

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