In a cynical move that is shocking to even those who follow VA politics, the Virginia Attorney General (Mark Herring) unilaterally announced the revocation of firearm concealed carry reciprocity status for 25 states effective February 1st. This change in reciprocity status immediately removes the ability of Virginians to protect their families while traveling within 6 states, as the the reciprocity with those states is contingent on Virginia recognizing their own concealed carry permits. Additionally, we should expect other states to also revoke recognition of VA permits, as the residents of those states will now no longer be able to carry here.

This is a blatant attack on the ability of Virginians to protect their families when traveling. What makes this particularly egregious is that everyone knows that criminals don’t follow laws (by definition), so only law abiding Virginians will be affected (not to mention the residents of those other states when traveling here).

Additionally, this is an assault on Virginia businesses, as we should now expect tourism to suffer as non-residents rethink their travel plans. We’re already seeing hints of this across social media, and the story has only just developed today.


Not that any of these concerns matter to this blindly partisan political office however…no, all that matters is marking a “win” in the anti-gun column for future elections, regardless of how many Virginians may suffer violence from being disarmed in states across the country. Because you see AG Herring, when you’re a hypocritical political hack, you get to enjoy police protections as part of your office, unlike those of us who work all day to fund your adventures in activism.

Be sure to SOUND OFF to the AG’s office. Even if it will have little effect, it might make you feel better.