Trust is a huge, little word. Those of us who are Christians are called upon to trust in a God we cannot see, and we willingly do so because He keeps His promises.  Trust takes a backseat, however, when it comes to politics.  Rarely do we see promises fulfilled.  Now, more than ever, faith in government in general and politicians in particular has been deeply eroded if not annihilated.  The home of the brave and the land of the free is facing unbelievable oppression.  And the question arises:  Can we trust anyone who runs for political office?  Is there anyone who will stand for those who are the backbone of our society?

Our country became great because our leaders possessed an amazing work ethic, impeccable character and integrity – stemming from trust and faith in a great God.  A standing contract consisted of a man’s word and a handshake.  Political decisions were made based on our Constitution, spiritual guidance and the voice of the populace.  So what happened?  Where are these men and women today?  Would we be so lucky to find someone with these qualities to run for public office now?  Well, the answer is YES!!!!  There is one!

As a Christian, I seek candidates who support my views – candidates who have the courage to stand for what is right – not for what is popular in a secular world.  While my choice is sometimes the lesser of two evils, Jamie Radtke is the exception.   A woman of faith, integrity, and guts, Jamie is the type of leader we need to restore America.   As a candidate for the U. S. Senate, she has promised to oppose raising the federal debt ceiling; end the massive and unsustainable federal deficits; work for meaningful, courageous reform of entitlement programs;   defend the 2nd Amendment;  fight to eliminate government subsidies of corporations (e.g. ethanol subsidies); advocate for energy independent policies that bring down the price of gas; oppose illegal immigration; propose a simpler and more fair tax structure; and demand a sound monetary policy.  These are issues that are near and dear to my heart.  I can trust Jamie to vote as she has promised.  I know her.  She is a woman of her word.  “TRUST….”  Let the implication of it resonate in your soul.  Isn’t it refreshing?  Yes… it’s real!  It’s Jamie!




Susan S. recently retired as Program Manager of the Mount Rogers Regional Adult Education Program.  A graduate of Virginia Intermont and Virginia Tech,  she resides in Damascus, VA.  Married to John S., she is the proud mother of four and grandmother of seven. Susan enjoys biblical studies, gardening, and time with family. Aside from occasional letters of support for local candidates, she has never been actively involved in politics.  However, the current, fragile state of our nation has prompted her to speak out on a broader spectrum to rally support for candidates who will staunchly support our Constitution and defend our rights as individuals.