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There are many great educational resources that can be found online. One such resource is, which has a ton of great content available across a number of topics such as Economics, Law, History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Politics and Policy. Here you will find short topical videos, longer video lectures, even scheduled seminars for [...]

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Happy Independence Day!

Today, on July 4th, Richmond Tea Party recognizes and celebrates Independence Day. We ask that you take a moment today to look back upon the founding of our nation and to recognize the spirit and dedication required to win that independence away from an oppressive state. We ask that you continue to dedicate yourselves to [...]

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Mark Krikorian Visits Richmond Tea Party – VIDEO

Mark Krikorian, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, spoke at our monthly meeting on April 24th. He discussed immigration policy and shared insight into the "back room" efforts underway to pass an amnesty bill. Below is a video from our YouTube channel. Photos from the meeting:

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Entitlement Madness: Where Does it Stop?

What one generation tolerates, the next will embrace. And then the next will demand. Watch this sobering video discussing the mindset of many of today's youth.   [youtube height="315" width="560"][/youtube]

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New Video Hits McAuliffe on Obamacare Disaster

The Conservative Campaign Committee just released this video hitting VA gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe on his support for the failing Obamacare program. Do you think this is an effective video? Too far? Not far enough? Sound off in the comments!

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Some Perspective on the Debt Ceiling (Video)

As we begin to hear about how terrible the republicans are due to their concern about the debt ceiling, I thought some perspective may be in order. Of course, both parties use this method to criticize the other, so this isn't just a democrat problem. However, when using the arguments presented, BOTH parties are correct: [...]

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Exec Dir Larry Nordvig “On the Record” with Greta

Click the link to see what Richmond Tea Party thinks about Lois Lerner retiring from the IRS on your dime!

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Global Warming Scare Is Dying

[column col="1/2"]Well, there hasn't been much talk lately about "global warming", except in the context of trying to shutter America's coal industry. Perhaps this is because the scaremongering is unraveling, that folks are beginning to realize that the science and contemporary observation just simply doesn't support the theories/models for climate change. There's some very frank [...]

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