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Important Video Detailing our Trajectory of Debt and Impending Crisis

On the House floor, Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ) speaks about spending and deficits, and how dire/dangerous our situation really is.

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The Feds are Getting Ready to Trial “Digital Dollars”. This is Extremely Concerning.

Are you ready for the government to monitor what you buy and sell on a daily basis? Because that is what could happen if you start using the new “digital dollar” that they are now testing.

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Fiscal Policy – A Primer on Debt and Deficit

Found this educational resource today on the debt and deficit. Its a 3-part series from John Taylor discusses the major components of fiscal policy and their effect on the US economy. This series covers the complexities of the budget process, the debt and deficit, and the economy and the deficit. Main Series Page The [...]

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Congrats Chesterfield Residents, You’re Purchasing a Failed Sports Complex!

Yes, that's right...the River City Sportplex is too big to fail, so county taxpayers have to step-in and purchase it. Raise your hand if purchasing this park is in your top 5 priorities for county spending. Didn't we JUST have to fight a meals tax because the county was too poor to purchase radios for [...]

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Some truth about the unemployment numbers

We hear the DC "spin machine" talk about how jobs are being created and the employment outlook is improving, but is it really? It's important to understand how the metrics are being captured and reported, as it can be a simple thing to spin the numbers for political gain. Watch this video from Prager University for [...]

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Reminder: Path to Prosperity Event in Chesterfield Tuesday!

As a reminder, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) will be conducting its "Path to Prosperity" event tomorrow (Tuesday 6/21) evening at King's Corner BBQ in Chesterfield. Go here for more information: Hope to see you there!

AFP’s “Path to Prosperity” tour coming to Chesterfield June 21st

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) has added Chesterfield as a stop on its "Path to Prosperity" tour on June 21st, focusing on economic concerns. Details are below...we hope to see you there! And if you do plan to attend, please consider providing a RSVP at the EventBrite site here: CHESTERFIELD - 6/21 6:00PM - 7:30PM King’s [...]

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Fannie Mae Rolls Out Easy Mortgage, Catering To High-Risk Immigrants

So it appears that the federal government is implementing another destined-to-default high-risk mortgage plan. This new move is wrong-headed and dangerous, and only places more risk on the heads of American taxpayers and their children. Its simply not credible that those in charge of devising and implementing a program like this don't see what a [...]

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Public meeting TOMORROW (Weds) on massive Chesterfield Bikeways Plan

Now's your chance to have your voice be heard regarding the massive Chesterfield bikeways plan. (Plan details) The county has plans to build miles and miles of new bike/pedestrian paths, spider-webbing all over the county. Current estimates are around $300 million over the next several years. And we know how cost overruns occur...the county was [...]

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Congressman Dave Brat – Talking sense on the economy

Dave Brat is one of a very precious few in DC who are making any sense at all regarding the upcoming debt cliff and the need to confront it....all while showing deference to the Constitution and the principles his party purports to represent. It boggles the mind to see the thought process in DC that [...]

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GOP “leadership” once again kicks the can; approves continuing resolution theater

Well, in a move surprising to essentially no one, the spineless and worthless GOP leadership has caved AGAIN on offering even a semblance of fiscal responsibility, instead deciding to fund government with a CR (continuing resolution) until December. And then we all know how this theater ends....with claims of urgency right before the holiday, which results [...]

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Lowest Average Q1 GDP Growth of Any President on Record

We have ongoing signs that the economy continues to falter...but you don't need charts to tell you that. We see it everyday, all around us. We need to go forward with ideas based in sound economic policy, not redistribution and fake/crony capitalism. And it all starts in your local cities/towns/counties!   "Even if you leave [...]

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