Alert for Chesterfield Taxpayers: Bus Attack on Your Family’s Budget Inbound?

Well, seems like the usual suspects are at it again...looking to revive the bus transportation zombie one more time.

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ACLJ Wins Significant Victory Against the Obama Administration’s IRS Targeting

In case you missed it, there were some recent developments in our lawsuit vs. the IRS. Read below for some comments from the ACLJ. We just secured a major victory in federal appeals court against the Obama Administration’s IRS.  The court unequivocally agreed with our position that the IRS’s targeting of conservatives has not ended [...]

Fannie Mae Rolls Out Easy Mortgage, Catering To High-Risk Immigrants

So it appears that the federal government is implementing another destined-to-default high-risk mortgage plan. This new move is wrong-headed and dangerous, and only places more risk on the heads of American taxpayers and their children. Its simply not credible that those in charge of devising and implementing a program like this don't see what a [...]

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Chesterfield Board of Supervisors gives residents Christmas present of more debt for arts center

Somehow we missed the earlier announcement from 2 weeks ago, but it looks like Chesterfield voters are getting what they wanted...a performing arts center that is funded on the county's credit card. But it's only $6.9 million more in debt! This is good news....with the bond referendum (debt to fund the center) getting approved, and [...]

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Public meeting TOMORROW (Weds) on massive Chesterfield Bikeways Plan

Now's your chance to have your voice be heard regarding the massive Chesterfield bikeways plan. (Plan details) The county has plans to build miles and miles of new bike/pedestrian paths, spider-webbing all over the county. Current estimates are around $300 million over the next several years. And we know how cost overruns occur...the county was [...]

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Partisan Dept of Justice Decides IRS Not Guilty of Crimes While Attacking Tea Party

In a decision that absolutely no one finds shocking, the corrupt and partisan Department of Justice just decided that the IRS did not commit any crimes while it was targeting conservative groups with inappropriate and intrusive information requests, and while delaying and denying requests to obtain non-profit status for their organizations. (Press release) Of course, [...]

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Public Comments Open Now for Massive Chesterfield Bike Path Expenditures

Contact Chesterfield County by TUESDAY to comment on massive new bike path expenditures

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Dinesh D’Souza Event CANCELLED

Our friends at the Virginia Vision PAC just announced that they are cancelling the event. If you already purchased tickets, you should already have this notice in your email box. See below for the text of the message: Dear Friend; Due to circumstances beyond our control, namely low ticket sales and sponsors that did not [...]

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IRS Created “Special Project Team” of “Hundreds of Lawyers” to Hide Information from Congress

New from the ACLJ comes shocking revelation that the IRS had an entire team of people deployed to obscure information from the congressional investigators looking into IRS corruption. We'd like to remind readers that Richmond Tea Party was DIRECTLY impacted by the actions of the IRS regarding the granting of non-profit status, and is included [...]

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Will Your Family Be Hit With Thousands in Obamacare “Clawbacks”?

Are you and your family set to receive a massive tax bill this year? If you are in the Obamacare healthcare exchange, it's a possibility. And we're not talking small change here...this could be thousands and thousands of dollars in "clawbacks", or money that you've been given as a healthcare subsidy but must pay back [...]

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BOMBSHELL IRS REPORT: Yes, Tea Party Groups Were Targeted

Just as we all knew, an upcoming congressional report is reported to confirm that the IRS was targeting tea party-type groups for greater scrutiny and had plans for increased denials. Even though our initial lawsuit was tossed, this isn't over yet. Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit like knowing that my government was leveraging its [...]

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PolitiFact Rates Susan Stimpson “Mostly True” Regarding Bill Howell Tax Hikes

On December 2, 2014, former Stafford County Board of Supervisor Chair Susan Stimpson announced her candidacy (see Susan Stimpson Launches Campaign for House of Delegates) for the 28th District of the House of Delegates. She will most likely be challenging current incumbent Delegate and Speaker of the House Bill Howell in a June Republican primary next year [...]

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