Our friends at the Virginia Vision PAC just announced that they are cancelling the event. If you already purchased tickets, you should already have this notice in your email box. See below for the text of the message:


Dear Friend;

Due to circumstances beyond our control, namely low ticket sales and sponsors that did not full fill their promises, we have been forced to cancel the Dinesh D’Souza event scheduled for August 8th in Virginia Beach.

Please accept our sincere apologies for this cancelation, but it was unavoidable.  We ask that you please let us know about the disposition of the money you paid for your tickets.

  1. Inform us via return email (info@virginiavision.org) if you would like us to refund your ticket(s) by providing us with your mailing address, including city, state, and zip.  We will expedite a check to you.

– OR –

  1. If you would like to donate your ticket purchase to the Virginia Vision PAC, please let us know via return email.  The PAC was created to hold our elected officials accountable to their voters and that is our mission.  The current political environment allows our politicians to campaign as conservatives and then govern as progressives or crony capitalists.  This must be stopped and with your help we can continue this effort.

Again, we regret having to do this.  We will await your response.

It is our intention to continue to bring relevant and meaningful events to Virginia.  Please watch for our next announcement.

Reagan George
Chairman, Virginia Vision PAC