On December 2, 2014, former Stafford County Board of Supervisor Chair Susan Stimpson announced her candidacy (see Susan Stimpson Launches Campaign for House of Delegates) for the 28th District of the House of Delegates. She will most likely be challenging current incumbent Delegate and Speaker of the House Bill Howell in a June Republican primary next year for the opportunity to be a candidate in the November general election. In her press release, Mrs. Stimpson stated:

“Bill Howell has been the consistent force behind every major tax increase in Virginia in the last decade. He has voted for them, he has engineered them and they are his legacy. Simply put, Bill Howell has lost his way and is the chief architect of a tax-and-spend agenda that rewards the politicians and punishes the middle class. It is time for a change.”

Yesterday, PolitiFact Virginia rated “Stimpson’s claim Mostly True” on their website (see Susan Stimpson says Bill Howell has been the force behind major Va. tax hikes). Jeanine Martin has also made a post about this rating at The Bull Elephant (see Susan Stimpson Exposes Bill Howell as Major Tax Hiker) and provided additional insight into the campaign.

This will be a very interesting primary campaign to watch. With many large tax increases being established as a central issue and the legislators and the Governor facing a potential budget shortfall, this campaign may set the tone for the Commonwealth primary and general elections.