He threw us under the Cromnibus

On Saturday December 13th, several RTP supporters joined the Chester Patriots for a protest march to the office of Congressman Randy Forbes. Depending on location and time, there were between 35-45 people in attendance on that beautiful Saturday afternoon.  By now, many of you have learned that Rep Forbes voted to fund the $1.1 Trillion-dollar “Cromnibus” (mix of Continuing Resolution and Omnibus) bill and to enable President Obama’s agenda. This is a horrible bill for a number of reasons, so I’ll hit a few of the highlights:
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  • Extends funding through September of next year for all departments except DHS, effectively eliminating any chance of the incoming senate majority or new House members to have any influence on the budget until late next year. There was ZERO reason to extend funding out that far. None. DHS is only funded into February.
  • Maintains spending levels from last year. If you loved the massive spending from last year, you’ll love this. Yep….no meaningful reduction in spending.
  • Increases corporate campaign donation caps. Folks fall on both sides of this issue (if you consider donations to be free speech)
  • Fully funds Obama’s executive amnesty agenda until February when the DHS budget must be reconsidered. As Senator Ted Cruz correctly stated, voting “yes” on this bill shows affirmation that Obama’s illegal power grab is acceptable.
  • And the kicker….FULLY FUNDS OBAMACARE. That’s right….the GOP that absolutely promised with every essence of its being that they would do everything they can to “repeal and replace” Obamacare….just fully funded it through September of next year.

Let all of this sink in for a moment….Congressman Randy Forbes just voted for all of that. He gave his stamp of approval. Do many of you think that Forbes genuinely believes that his constituents in the 4th district wanted him to vote this way? Or would you be apt to believe that he likely knew that you wouldn’t want this, but discarded that concern and voted against you anyway? Does Congressman Forbes think that he’s “safe” in his relatively-red district, and that he believes that he’ll continue to receive votes, regardless of what he does to you?

Bottom line: Forbes didn’t have to do this. He could have joined Dave Brat and said “no”. No more. Specific funding initiatives (like the military) could have been covered in separate appropriations. But he decided to join GOP Speaker John Boehner in betraying conservatives nationwide, and specifically his constituents here in the 4th, in voting for one massive consolidated monstrosity. This unfortunately is not entirely surprising, as his voting record has been declining in recent years:

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How’s that for a record that appeals to conservatives? Does this align with RTP core principles?

It’s rumored that Randy Forbes has aspirations for higher office. If we can’t trust him to make the hard decisions and do the right thing regardless of political ramifications, would you trust him with even MORE power?

As I’ve said before, no one is better on family/faith/military matters than Randy Forbes, and conservatives have much to thank him for in his prior record. However when it mattered most, he let you down.

Photos from the march:

Go HERE for the full album on Flickr…a small sample below.