Well, in a move surprising to essentially no one, the spineless and worthless GOP leadership has caved AGAIN on offering even a semblance of fiscal responsibility, instead deciding to fund government with a CR (continuing resolution) until December. And then we all know how this theater ends….with claims of urgency right before the holiday, which results in more spending with zero meaningful reforms. It’ll be a crisis, you see. They’ll have no choice, you see.

Its like a tragic comedy play, over and over again. Seriously…at this point, republicans should just hand the keys to Pelosi and Reid and just pack up shop and go spend time with their families. The difference in outcome would not be discernible on many votes.

And a Virginia bonus! Two of our own House republicans decided that they favored the progressive agenda over conservatism…that continuing to destroy your childrens’ futures was more desirable than voting in accordance with conservative principles. So be sure to send your thanks to representatives Barbara Comstock and Scott Rigell for being invertebrates.

So we’ll be back here in a couple months, with even more accumulated debt, and with yet another act in this play being performed. Try to act surprised…you wouldn’t want to be rude.

This outcome, of course, went exactly as representative Dave Brat (VA-7) said it would.