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Stop Fast-track Trade Authority

From the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation comes a call to action to derail this abdication of congressional trade authority:   IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED! STOP FAST TRACK TRADE AUTHORITY for OBAMA!!! Please go to and register to send emails and paper letters to Congress. If you have an upcoming meeting, please consider passing out the attached backgrounder. [...]

Ooops, We Missed a Milestone!

While we were engaged in other efforts, we totally missed noting when the federal debt crossed over into $18 TRILLION. I'm not sure how we observe this...perhaps with some funeral dirge?

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Fact-checking Candidate Eric Cantor on Amnesty

The debate on how to proceed on changing/fixing immigration policy has come to the forefront in the 7th district congressional race between House Leader Eric Cantor and challenger Dave Brat. As this debate will have a profound impact on the economy and how we view adherence to the rule of law, it's important that voters [...]

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More businesses dying than being created since Carter era

The Obama economy continues to decline, as these stark new numbers indicate. Bad economic policies accompanied by harsh regulation is strangling businesses, resulting in stunted (or no) growth. Major retail chains are downsizing or completely failing, all while you see the product sizes shrink for the items you purchase every day (while the prices of [...]

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Another Green Tech Company to Sell to China; US Taxpayers Lose

It looks like the Obama administration is arranging to sell off a taxpayer-funded loan that was given to Fisker automotive, leaving the US taxpayer at a loss while the Chinese company gets to gain from your investment. This is the SECOND Chinese green tech company to which we are redistributing taxpayer dollars of course, with [...]

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Some Perspective on the Debt Ceiling (Video)

As we begin to hear about how terrible the republicans are due to their concern about the debt ceiling, I thought some perspective may be in order. Of course, both parties use this method to criticize the other, so this isn't just a democrat problem. However, when using the arguments presented, BOTH parties are correct: [...]

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IRS Making Moves to Lock YOUR Investments?

So it appears that the IRS has made a new rule about Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs) to limit your options to shift your savings/investment dollars overseas. If this signaling the beginning of the federal government working to get tighter control of YOUR money to suit its own ends? This is not unprecedented, and any claims [...]

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RTP Attends “DC March for Jobs” – UPDATED

Calling All Patriots! You Must Stop Amnesty Now! Join the DC March for Jobs in Washington, July 15th The Gang of 8 Amnesty Bill has passed the Senate, and is now in the House. We MUST stop this bill. If we don’t, millions will be put out of work, you will be saddled with Billions [...]

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Obama Redistributing $7B in Taxpayer Money for African Power Grid

  While in Africa Sunday, Obama pledged to redistribute $7B of taxpayer dollars to bolster the sub-Saharan electrical grid. All this while American workers are being furloughed/laid off, soldiers are waiting for healthcare, and we hear that the earth is about to crack in half because of the modest "sequester" reductions in the increase in [...]

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Sequester Lies – Making it Hurt (Intentionally)

You have likely seen discussion recently regarding "sequestration", or the mandatory federal budget cuts (a decrease in the INCREASE of spending, but that's another story) that were signed into law last year by President Obama. Now, those cuts are mandatory, but where to apply them is completely at the whims of our government. There is [...]

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Dr. Benjamin Carson attacks political correctness as the President listens intently

Dr. Benjamin Carson delivered a noteworthy National Prayer Breakfast keynote speech in President Barack Obama’s presence Carson attacked political correctness as a “dangerous” threat to free speech and encouraged Americans to boldly share their views The pediatric neurosurgeon also provided his theories about the national debt, deficits, taxation and health care, taking stances that were [...]

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