Merry Christmas from the Richmond Tea Party!

The RTP organizer team wants to wish you, your family, and your friends a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. We hope that you get a break from the "holiday bustle" at least for a few moments of rest & relaxation. 2017 is just around the corner, and its not waiting for any of [...]

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“Climate Change” Movie Event in Richmond Monday

Are you as tired as I am of progressives using "global warming" as an excuse for left-wing policies designed to tax and control us into submission? Climate Hustle, an important new film that debunks the climate scare, will be playing in our area for a one night only theater event on May 2nd. We need [...]

Lawrence Solomon: Why it looks like ‘game over’ for global warming

Well, perhaps the "global warming" farce may finally be coming to an end. Better purchase some sweaters and insulate those windows! We've been remiss about keeping you up to date with all of the recent activity on "climate change", AKA "figure out new ways to confiscate your wealth", so we wanted to kick-start our efforts [...]

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Hard truths regarding “green” renewable energy…

Great new video from Prager University discussing wind and solar as energy sources, and their viability for same. Videos from Prager U are highly recommended...great stuff there.

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Updated NASA Data: Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat

Perhaps we really DON'T need to discuss creating a global taxation scheme to fight "climate change"? The science is settled (from all the science that refutes it)....there is no "global warming" problem that needs resolution. Updated data from NASA satellite instruments reveal the Earth’s polar ice caps have not receded at all since the satellite [...]

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When Will Climate Scientists Say They Were Wrong?

Perhaps we don't need economy-wrecking EPA regulations and a massive global taxation scheme after all? People (like me) who are skeptical of global warming "science" are labeled "deniers"...but I think that people who continue to believe the hysteria should be called "blind-faithers". Because faith is all that is driving their climate panic...its certainly not science. [...]

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Another Green Tech Company to Sell to China; US Taxpayers Lose

It looks like the Obama administration is arranging to sell off a taxpayer-funded loan that was given to Fisker automotive, leaving the US taxpayer at a loss while the Chinese company gets to gain from your investment. This is the SECOND Chinese green tech company to which we are redistributing taxpayer dollars of course, with [...]

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Global Warming Scare Is Dying

[column col="1/2"]Well, there hasn't been much talk lately about "global warming", except in the context of trying to shutter America's coal industry. Perhaps this is because the scaremongering is unraveling, that folks are beginning to realize that the science and contemporary observation just simply doesn't support the theories/models for climate change. There's some very frank [...]

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Global Warming Stopped 16 Years Ago

Well isn't THIS interesting out of the UK? Looks like perhaps all the hysteria over global warming isn't warranted (we knew that already)? And perhaps, just PERHAPS, we don't need onerous governmental overreach into our rights in order to "correct" this global warming? As if its even possible for man to affect the climate on [...]

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Did You Miss a Key Court EPA Decision Today?

Today the DC Circuit Court upheld the EPA regulation of "greenhouse gas". This is a TERRIBLE development, the damage resulting from same I fear to even imagine. From The Hill and Mark Levin via The Right Scoop: A federal appeals court has upheld Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) greenhouse gas regulations, a victory for the Obama [...]

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