The Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation has informed us that Senator Kaine is holding “office hours” with his constituents in Ashland Wednesday….except that he won’t be there.  Perhaps you’d like go inquire as to his whereabouts?

From the VTPPF website:

Senator Kaine states “As Senator, one of my goals is to be as accessible as possible to all Virginians.”

While Republican Representatives hold public Town Halls across Virginia, Senator Kaine is hiding behind his staff, refusing to meet his constituents in a public forum.

Senator Kaine has cleverly found a way to have faux meetings in a series of events he proudly calls “Kaine Connects”

The disconnect? The meeting is with “staff”!
We need your help to flush Senator Kaine out of hiding! Please join us as we call on the Senator on March 1st!

The next Kaine (dis)Connect faux meeting is:

Wednesday, March 1st from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Ashland Branch Library
201 S. Railroad Avenue
Ashland, VA  23005

Some Sign suggestions:

  • Where’s Kaine?
  • Raising Kaine!
  • Looking for Kaine
  • Where is Kaine Hiding?
  • Where’s the Connect?
  • Kaine Disconnect Meeting
  • Kaine Can’t
  • He might be Kaine, but he ain’t Able

We NEED You AND Your Friends at this Office Call!