The progressive/Marxist/socialist armies are mobilizing against authority and the civil society in multiple locations across the country. While it is unclear exactly what the protestors want, we know that they are being organized by the same groups/organizations that are working tirelessly against conservative/tea party principles, and they seek to cause confusion and disruption.

The AP is reporting that approximately 700 protestors have now been arrested in NY, which follows the recent arrests in Boston. And if these dangerous agitators have their way, they will bring chaos to Richmond, as well. Organizationally, these thugs have ties directly to the Obama administration, being incited to unrest by then-current and now former White House advisers:

Civil rights activist and attorney Van Jones said Thursday night on MSNBC that he planned to build a “progressive counterbalance” to the tea party movement.

“I think everybody should hold on to your seats. October is going to be the turning point when it comes to the progressive fight back,” he said.

“You’re going to see an American Autumn, just like we saw the Arab Spring,” Jones added.

His comments are outrageous and frankly, subversive. These are the kinds of people that are advising our President (Van Jones was recruited by Valerie Jarrett, chief of staff of the White House).

Let’s also not forget that SEIU (union) President Steven Lerner was caught on tape urging the intentional collapse of wall street. Across the Internet, there were even calls for the Department of Justice to get involved over the outright admission of intent to commit economic terrorism.

BUT IT GETS WORSE. He’s also caught on video calling to create a crisis. You know…because the progressives would never let a crisis go to waste.

This behavior is dangerous. These people do not think like you and I. They want chaos and disruption to bring about “change”, which lately means “governmental overthrow”, or at least the overthrow of capitalism.

I urge you to stay informed, to watch and listen to what is happening. One good source of summary information is at The Blaze website, keyword: Days of Rage. The links to former and current administration officials and advisers is so extensive that it would require a much longer piece to highlight them all, but be aware that this mindset is pervasive in the highest levels of our government. Our ideological opponents are making bold moves against the values that you and I hold dear. Please consider joining a local tea party/patriot group as a counterbalance to this insanity (I can think of one right off the top of my head).

From the Richmond Tea Party “Resources” page, here’s a list of the several of the groups around Richmond:

Will you continue to allow these people to spread their message of chaos and discord unchallenged? We need your help to counter that message, either with your time or by your donation of resources. Every little bit helps, literally.