“Getting There from Here”
Tools ~ Solutions ~ Next Steps
Nov 16, 3pm – Nov 18, noon
Richmond, Virginia
(Private Conference for Tea Party and Patriot Group members)
The grassroots is well aware of the issues we face in winning our country back.
This conference will focus on “Where we go from here and how”….tools…. solutions….
and next steps!


18-24 seminars and workshops.


The agenda is still being developed, but here is a current list of workshops and seminars: (updated 9/23)


  • “Invoking ‘Coordination’ with Federal Agencies” (Fri, Nov 16, 3-6pm)
    Jay Verhulst from Wisconsin has done over 20 successful ‘Coordinations’; a little known / understood way to push back federal regulations that we are not taking advantage of in Virginia . This seminar is open to elected officials and Federation guests.
  • CoLA legislation roll out.
    Federation CoLA legislation will be introduced. Bills in the works currently involve taxes, property rights, Agenda 21, voter fraud, privacy, NDAA push-back, tax credits, ALAC, Health Care Compact, Food Freedom Act, smart meters, drones and more.
  • Artur Davis (Sat dinner speaker) quote: “The Tea Party Saved America”…reformed democrat…he spoke at the RNC convention / Tampa
  • Peter Vessenes (Fri. dinner speaker): “How to successfully engage in a conversation with a progressive”
  • Tom DeWeese unveils “Sustainable Freedom Lab”. His new plan to fight Agenda 21
  • “Agenda 21 for Elected Officials”. John Anthony. How to discuss Agenda 21 with elected officials.
  • How to use the Legislative Information System website and Lobbyist in a Box.
  • Overcoming the MSM. Americans for Prosperity. Increasing Tea Party influence and getting your message out in spite of a hostile media.
  • How to increase the conservative majority on the RPV State Central Committee.
  • “New Leaders Project” American Majority. Finding, vetting and supporting candidates.
  • “Introduction to Campaigning”. (For those considering a run for office)
  • Holding elected officials accountable.
  • Precinct organizing. Turn voter data into activist data.
  • Building your relationship with elected officials.
  • Peter Vessenes “The Golden Rules of Economics”. Is Capitalism still alive in America?
  • Strengthening your Tea Party: Expanding membership, building coalitions, increasing influence, effective meetings, fundraising, open mic idea session
Tickets and hotel reservations link
Early bird special ends Oct 10. Ticket prices then increase $15 per ticket.
Hotel special $79 per night single room rate (plus tax) guaranteed until Nov 1
Crowne Plaza Downtown
555 E Canal St, Richmond VA 23219
Business casual ~ FREE PARKING
Wireless available…Bring your computer (you may need an extension cord!)
© 2012 Northern Virginia Tea Party